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George Clark created Premier Livestock in response to the need for reliable cattle handling systems which would provide greater safety and control when working alone. 

George experimented with the handling systems to make his own job easier, and neighbouring farmers took notice. The idea of a safer system was enticing to many. As such, George Clark began Premier Livestock Handling and created the Unistock range.

Thorburn Group, newly branded in 2021, has been creating bespoke cattle handling systems since 1977. However, it only recently turned into a full-time aspect of the business in 2016 with its own dedicated manufacturing and installation squad. This new focus made Thorburn Group perfect for taking over the legacy of Premiere Livestock. Thorburn group purchased Premiere Livestock in March 2022 and will carry on the vision that George Clark started.

Thorburn Group looks to continually improve its products as new technology becomes available. At the same time, we are offering a full range of unique cattle handling systems bespoke to your individual needs.

Premier Livestock Handling, has now been re-branded to Premier, allowing a larger range of products to be carried under the brand. The business is based in Duns, while manufacturing will take place in Berwick Upon-Tweed.

Contact our Premier sales team on info@premier-livestock.co.uk or give us a call on 01556 612240 to discuss which of the products will be best suited to your needs and get a quote.



The Premier Livestock range of cattle headgates, crushes and crates are well known for their quality and practical design. We have earned a reputation as a market leader, all thanks to our customers who look to us as the way forward in cattle handling systems.

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Contact our Premier Livestock sales rep on info@premier-livestock.co.uk, or give us a call on 01556 612240 to discuss which of the products will be best suited to your needs and to get a quote.
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