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The Unistock Mobile Cattle Handling Crate is focused on being able to work with cattle in various locations. This work often needs to be done by a stockman working on his own; therefore, safety and time are paramount.

The Unistock Mobile Cattle Handling Crate can be used as a primary cattle handling system avoiding the need to move the stock to the permanent yarding system. Instead, it lets you take the machine to the stock, creating staff efficiencies and reducing the stress on the animals.

Available with the Unistock MK1, MK2 and Squeeze Crates. The Unistock Mobile Cattle Handling Crate can be fitted with either the Unistock Cattle Headgate, The Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate, or the Unistock Manual Cattle Headgate. It can also be fitted with Unistock Accessories, Electronic Weighing and EID. Available with or without penning hurdles.

Patent Number: (UK) 2490949B / (Ireland) 86426


  • Designed to allow safe and easy set-up by one person
  • Revolving rump bar – replaces dangerous loose bar
  • Anti-kick bars- provide protection during belly clipping
  • Protective poll bar on the headstock – restricts upward movement of the animal’s heads
  • Full opening side doors – safer access to carry out any work on the sides of the animal
  • Sliding door and access doors between crush and race section – create a safer access area for vet and stockman
  • 2.5 metre sheeted race section on the main frame behind sliding door – provides controlled flow of animals through the system
    • An optional electronic weigh platform can be fitted into this section
  • 10 galvanised 2.5-metre interlinked cattle hurdles are quickly and easily set up to create a holding pen for 30-35 adult cattle
  • Finished complete with hot dip galvanised finish- this prevents rust
If you have any questions, contact  our Premier sales team who will be able to advise on pricing and further specification, so you can decide whether this product will be best suited to your needs.

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